Test Bench

The test bench room is the cheapest and fastest way to set up any type of engine, find the right ECU mapping, obtain maximum performance or simply to break in a new engine before a race. Skema s.r.l. makes available its own equipment and modern test rooms equipped with air conditioning to be able to effectively test the engines at any time of the year, maintaining the repeatability of the test unchanged. 125cc engines can be tested. up to over 10000 cc. with a braking capacity limit of 1100 HP at 10000 rpm. Each of them houses automatic data recording systems with sensors and instruments suitable for development and durability tests of engines and gearboxes. Thanks to the implementation of ETAS modules, hundreds of parameters are monitored in real time, which can be reprocessed and compared on Excel spreadsheets. Mapping and application of electronic engine management systems and its data acquisition are performed.

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