Who we are

Skema specializes in the assembly and testing prototypes 2 and 4-stroke endothermic engines, fueled by petrol or Diesel, for mass production or for racing; it also possesses high professional skills in the field of differential units and gearboxes with mechanical, hydraulic and electronic control, as well as in the design and construction of complex systems and in the precision mechanics sector in general.

The history of Skema srl began in the nineties: the goal was to satisfy the growing demand for engineering development centres. New spaces were sought for the construction of competitive engines and for the development of components for series production.

Thanks to the successes obtained, particularly in the racing sector, just a few years after its birth, Skema srl has developed larger structures to offer various services, including the design of prototypes and the creation of equipped test rooms capable of providing data to frequencies above 100Hz.

Among the major strengths of Skema srl is the direct collaboration with the customer from the beginning of the negotiation to the final testing. This peculiarity, together with many years of experience in the field of competitions and the automotive sector, has given and still gives the company the opportunity to be appreciated nationally and internationally.

To date, Skema collaborates with the most important Italian car manufacturers and offers its engines and consultancy to prestigious teams all over the world.

What we do

Test Bench
Inside Skema there are 4 engine test rooms created to test and develop different types of engines; the sensors present make it possible to detect and record more than 180 channels  at hi  frequencies and to interface with the engine control unit so that during the tests you have a real-time view of the progress of the test itself. At the end of the test, the recorded data can be easily processed on spreadsheets so as to provide a clear interpretation.

Engine Assembly
All the engines developed by Skema srl are built, assembled and tested internally in the company.

Roller Bench
Skema uses 750kW 4WD roller bench for power, acceleration and vehicle durability tests with a maximum top speed of up to 320kmh.

ECU Remapping
ECU remapping is a modification of the car's original engine ECU software, which allows you to optimize the car's performance in the stock (original) configuration. Therefore, no mechanical modifications of any kind are required.

Cold Rooms
Skema uses 3 controlled ambient temperature cells from -40 to +70°C for testing components, engines and vehicles at extreme temperatures.

Oil Analysis
Preventive Diagnostic Analysis.