Oil Analysis

In the development of mechanical components it is essential to know the wear patterns during their life by relying on a range of preferably controllable variables. Recognizing the initial stages of wear of each component is important in order to prevent breakdowns and to approve the reliability and success of the prototype. For this purpose, from Skema's experience in the automotive sector, a service was born which, through sophisticated analyzes of the lubricating oils of the engine and of the transmission unit, offers the possibility of monitoring the health of the component and its wear trend. obtaining an early picture of the state of wear of the mechanical components involved, through rapid and non-invasive checks, offers the possibility of acquiring a vast range of operating parameters, facilitating the development phase and detecting possible project criticalities. At the Skema site, the oil samples received, or taken directly on site, are analyzed in real time. This is possible thanks to the use of technologies such as the spectrometer, which provides values relating to more than 20 metals, additives and pollutants present in the sample taken; Fluidscan which detects the presence of water and oxidative degradation. Viscometer for measuring the actual lubricity as well as the Fuel Dilution Meter which indicates the degree of dilution/contamination by the fuel.

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