The history of Skema s.r.l. starts in the nineties with the aim to satisfy the growing request of important local automotive companies that claim centres for the engineering development, for the realisation of competitive enginess and for the research of components for mass production.

Thanks to the successes obtained in the racing sector, after few years Skema moved to a new seat where it developed wider facilities in order to offer other services such as the planning of prototypes and the realisation of equipped testing-rooms.

One of the major force points of our company is the cooperation with the customer from the beginning of the negotiation until the final testing. This characteristic, added to many years of experience in the competition and automotive field, gave to the company the possibility to be appreciated whether in national or foreign countries.

Today Skema collaborates with the most important Italian automotive companies and it offers its engines and its consultant all over the world. Furthermore it is leader in the world championship Offshore Class 1.