Realization of testing room

The testing room is the best way to obtain the maximum performances from every engine.

Skema places his modern and equipped testing rooms (supplied of air conditioning) at disposal in order to test effectively the engines in every period of the year, maintaining unchanged the repeatability of the test.

Engines from 125 until 10.000 cc. with a limit of braking ability to 1.100 hp can be tested. The testing room can test both small kart 2 stroke engines and big motor or motor-boat engines running on petrol or diesel.

The testing room is the more economic and rapid way to test every type of engine. It gives the possibility to find the right mapping of the E.C.U., the best carburation or simply it allows you to run in as well as one can a new engine before a competition.

Skema realized testing rooms for the Victory Team of Dubai (2002/2003) and also for the Maserati Corse (2003).